Filet Knife


A filet or boning knife is a thin, flexible knife that is used for filleting fish and trimming meat. The blade of a fillet knife is typically between 6 and 9 inches in length, with a narrow, pointed tip and a flexible, thin blade that allows for precision cuts.

A fillet knife is primarily used to remove the bones from fish or to trim meat from the bone, making it an essential tool for butchers, fishmongers, and home cooks who want to prepare their own meat or fish. The flexibility of the blade allows it to curve along the contours of the bone or fish, making it easier to remove the flesh without damaging it.

When using a fillet knife, it's important to keep the blade sharp and to use a light touch, as the thin blade can easily slip or puncture the flesh. Additionally, it's important to use the correct technique when filleting or trimming meat, as improper technique can lead to wasted meat or injuries.

Overall, a fillet or boning knife is an essential tool for anyone who wants to prepare their own meat or fish, as it allows for precise cuts and easy removal of bones or skin.