Whetstone & Machine Sharpening

We offer precision sharpening for knives, scissors and tools—whether for professional use or from your home. We do traditional whetstone sharpening and grinding, both by hand, and using belt grinders and Tormek machines, a versatile water-cooled sharpening system that gives the highest quality results.
We assess each knife you bring to us, and will discuss the preferred method for sharpening with you to give its best performance, taking into account blade type, material and quality.
We also offer repairs to knives only, after assessment of the level of repair needed.
We do offer a drop off/collection service—if you leave your knives with us, you can pick them up at a later date of your choosing.
Check our knife tips section for how to care for your newly sharpened knives.  

Sharpening Rates

Machine Sharpening
Western stainless-steel: $2.00 an inch with a $8 minimum
Pocket / outdoor knives: $8 and up  
Hand on stone
Double bevel: $3.50 an inch 
Single bevel: $5.00 an inch
$8 per chip (we charge for any chip that is deeper than a dime). 
Kitchen/paper/general: $10
Specialty/craft: $20 and up
 Garden Tools
Machetes: $3 an inch
Shears/pruners: $10 and up 
*We offer lifetime free sharpening for the Green Point Knife, and a 20% discount for any knives you purchased from us.