Nakiri Knife

A nakiri knife is a Japanese-style vegetable knife that is primarily used for chopping and slicing vegetables. The word "nakiri" literally means "leaf cutter" in Japanese, which refers to the knife's flat, rectangular blade that is designed to efficiently cut through vegetables.

The blade of a nakiri knife is typically 5 to 7 inches long and is flat on both sides, which makes it ideal for chopping vegetables with a straight up-and-down motion. The blade is also thinner and lighter than a Western-style chef's knife, which allows for more precise cuts.

Nakiri knives are particularly useful for slicing through vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, and onions, as well as leafy greens like lettuce and kale. They are also great for cutting vegetables into fine julienne strips for stir-fries or salads.

Nakiri knives are a popular choice among professional chefs and home cooks who specialize in vegetarian or vegan cuisine, as they allow for precise and efficient vegetable preparation. They are also a great choice for anyone who wants to add a versatile and efficient vegetable knife to their kitchen collection.