Peeling Knife

A peeling knife, also known as a bird's beak knife or a tourné knife, is a small, curved knife that is primarily used for peeling and shaping fruits and vegetables. The name "bird's beak" refers to the knife's curved blade, which resembles the beak of a bird.

The blade of a peeling knife is typically between 2 and 3 inches long and is curved to a point, which allows for precise peeling and shaping of round fruits and vegetables. The shape of the blade also makes it easy to remove the eyes and blemishes from potatoes and other vegetables.

Peeling knives are particularly useful for tasks like peeling apples and pears, shaping potatoes and other vegetables into uniform sizes, and removing the skin from citrus fruits like oranges and lemons. They are also great for creating decorative garnishes like radish roses or carrot curls.

Peeling knives are an essential tool for any cook who wants to add a level of precision and artistry to their vegetable preparation. They offer a versatile and precise option for a wide range of peeling and shaping tasks, which helps to elevate the presentation and flavor of any dish.