Takohiki Knife

A takohiki knife is a traditional Japanese knife primarily used for slicing raw fish, particularly for making sashimi. It is a variation of the yanagiba knife and has a similar shape and function.

The takohiki knife typically has a long, thin, and single bevel blade that is sharpened on one side only. This design allows for precise cuts with minimal tearing of the delicate fish flesh. The length of the blade can range from 24 to 36 centimeters (9 to 14 inches), and the blade is often wider than that of a yanagiba knife, giving it a better surface area for the fish to adhere to.

Takohiki knives are named after the Japanese word "tako," which means octopus, because they were originally used to slice octopus sashimi. However, they are now more commonly used for slicing other types of sashimi as well as other delicate ingredients like vegetables and fruits.

It's important to note that takohiki knives are specialized tools and require proper care and maintenance. They should be used only on a cutting board made of soft materials like wood or synthetic materials to avoid damaging the blade. Additionally, they should be sharpened regularly on a whetstone and stored carefully to prevent any damage to the blade.