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SUMI Series Damascus Santoku

SUMI Series Damascus Santoku

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SUMI Series - 17 Layer Damascus Santoku

Introducing Kikuichi's newest addition, The SUMI Series - 17 Layer Damascus Santoku Knife. Made from one of our favorite steels, 17-layer VG10 core Damascus in a matte finish. Takefu special steel makes this material and we turned it into these special blades. With a fine grind and a perfect feel the SUMI line is like a laser in the kitchen. As pretty as it is sharp this will be your go to knife in no time. 


Blade : 17 Layers
Edge : VG10
Layers : Damascus Stainless Steel: 16 Layers
HRC : 60
Bevel : Double
Bevel Angle Ratio : 50:50
Handle : Stabilized Wood

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