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WH Series Yanagi

WH Series Yanagi

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Kikuichi’s WH Series Elite Warikomi Gold Ho-wood Yanagi Knife

Kikuichi's WH Series Elite Warikomi Gold Ho-wood Yanagi is ideal for aspiring chefs and cooking aficionados. Its 2- layering of AUS8 steel and stainless steel give it durability and precision, whilst also allowing it to remain sharp and keep its edge. A 56-58 hardness rating promises optimal balance of hardness and toughness, complemented by its 240mm blade for versatile slicing. Its right-handed single bevel design gives great control when slicing boneless fish fillets into sashimi, while the "D" shaped Wa handle and Japanese Magnolia promise a comfortable and stable grip. Experience professional-grade performance with the versatile and dependable knife.

*Left handed bevel available upon request. 

*Comes with a Saya.


Blade : 2 Layers; Hand Forged
Edge : AUS8
Spine : Soft Stainless Steel
HRC : 56-58
Bevel : Single
Handle : "D" Shaped Wa Handle Japanese Magnolia
Water Buffalo Horn or Resin Ferrule

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